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An Inertial Land

by Suraj Prasad/April, 2012

I have this love-hate relationship with my village – it exists as a mysterious object in the noon of my memory, one I can recollect, but never vividly. But we began discussing the idea seriously, and so one night on chat with Anuj, he pointed out that my village had a very beautiful name. ‘Really?’ I thought to myself. I realized it did.

Eternal Electricity

by Monika Yadav/July, 2015

We were engrossed in listening to the people, trying to jot down whatever we can so much so that we did not realize that it was dark already. Our local contacts informed us that they had sent the invites to everyone in the village for the film screening – ‘haka padwa diya’ - meaning one goes to every house in the village and informs the members about a public event that is going to happen.

A Land Beyond the River Wide

by Rajnees Singh/May, 2016

The fact of the river's immenseness has been propagated for centuries through local folklore and mythology. As one sails on it, it feels like a giant sea, with only a small, minor strip of land visible in the distance. The ferries that cut through its heart are massive too: they can house, filled to the rafters, a hundred men and women, alongwith three to four large vehicles.