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Dhenuki has a poet too

Bhojpuri literature is quite elusive and rare to find. Although the script is Devanagri, Hindi is the written language for Bihar, punctuated by only a few names who can be associated with Bhojpuri writing, it is rare to find a book / story / poetry written in Bhojpuri. It has thus been mostly a spoken language, and that too is on the decline gradually with most people rushing to the metropolis and taking up the more important languages. 

Parmeshwar Mahato from Dhenuki seems to be doing his bit to keep the language alive, his writings - mostly poetries - filled with puns and local expletives, are sharp social and political criticism. He addresses the larger social dichotomy, political crisis and relates it with the everyday life of a villager whose larger concern is the well-being of his crops and whether he has the courage to fight the rams who are destroying the fields. 

'Humara Bujhat Naikhe Babuo Re Baat Ke' meaning I cannot understand this thing my child, was penned by him last year when the political drama during the Bihar elections became incomprehensible for him too. 

We have tried to keep the subtitling as close as possible to the essence of the poetry, however the beauty of it is only revelaed if you understand Bhojpuri.